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August 20th, 2015 - September 4 2015
Dekalb Gallery
200 Willoughby Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11205
Role: Curator

As Pratt Institute's President of the History of Art and Design Student Association from 2014-2016, one of my main initiatives was creating an on going collaboration with the School of Fine Arts and History of Art and Design. With my art history colleagues, we established the first exhibition of MFA candidates curated by History of Art and Design Masters candidates. 

I worked with the students from the Fine Arts to coordinate studio visits during the summer that culminated in a fall exhibition during the start of the academic year's orientation and welcome week. 

Alive Tonight was an exhibition curated to showcase a new partnership between Fine Arts and History of Art and Design while also attempting to encompass the urgency to explore one's practice as an MFA candidate.

The thirteen selected artists all shared a smilier interest in pushing the boundaries of their discipline during this very special time in their lives. It is rare that an artist is in an environment like an MFA program where the artist is provided with endless resources, critiques, and time to focus strictly on their art. As a curatorial team, we worked to focus on how the exhibition could showcase this very unique time in an artist's career.

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