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Highlight Program Partnerships

Lucas Museum of Narrative Art's Summer Studio: Draw Your Power!
Partnership: Challengers Boys & Girl's Club 

Role: Project Coordinator - Education

In Summer 2018, I implemented the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art's Inaugural pilot program in partnership with the Challenger's Boys and Girls Club. 

As the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art approaches its opening year in 2022, the institution is interested in developing and implementing programs that develops institutional awareness among the South-Central Los Angeles community while also helping answer larger institutional questions that will help inform their programs when they open. In this partnership, we ran a two week comic-art intensive with master teaching artist, Shawn Martinbrough, and lead instructors Sam Alden and Kevin Peanh. During the course of two weeks students gained foundational comic art and self-publishing skills while also getting an introduction of career paths that comic artists can pursue. 

My role in this program was overseeing all logistical needs (transportation, facility coordination, inventory management, and budget), assisting in curriculum development, and helping with classroom management. 

This partnership was a great success in providing south-central youth an opportunity to learn about the power of controlling your own narrative and self-publishing. I was able to identify strong career-pathway speakers from the founder and organizer of Los Angeles Zine Fest to a visit to Walt Disney Animation Studios. I am passionate about community partnerships and the resources and opportunities they can bring. I believe that organizations can only do better work when working with other institutions with similar passions, and it brings me great joy to discover and nurture these relationships.

J. Paul Getty Museum's College Night
Partnership: LifeWTR

Role: Program Coordinator

In 2018, I led the J. Paul Getty Museum's College Night for a second year in a row, with newly attained corporate funds. In this role I acted as a liaison to various stakeholders: LifeWTR, Getty's Education Department, participating artists, partner college and universities, and the Getty's College Advisory Board.

In this project I oversaw a range of complex multidisciplinary experiences. The evening featured dj sets from Chulita Vinyl Club and performance by Madame Gandhi, artistic collaborations with USC and NYFA, and art making with Self-Help Graphics. In addition to producing College Night, I also worked with my team to produce a pop-up experiential marketing event at California State University, Los Angeles that featured spray paint workshops with one of LifeWTR's artists. 

I managed a College Advisory Board that consisted of students from colleges and universities across Los Angeles County. I led them in developing the aspects of the event and marketing campaign from concept to completion. 

The result of this partnership led to increased funding for the Getty's college programs. I am passionate about corporate sponsorships because of their ability to extend the power of arts into other sectors. I fully believe that any industry can benefit from incorporating artistry and creative thinking. 

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