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October 21th, 2017 - October 29th 2017
Nous Tous Gallery
454B Jung Jing rd
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Role: Curator

The exhibition was curated by Jennelyn Tumalad, Nahui Garcia, and Kayla Palisoc as the curatorial group: Sun in Gemini. As a part of the curatorial process, each artist chosen for the exhibition opened their studio doors to the curators and took part in vulnerable conversations about their identity as artists of color. I led the curatorial team in translating the experiences shared with us during studio visits  into the presentation of the exhibition.

Each artist chosen to show for the exhibition shares a similar history of grappling with different identities throughout their lives. The exhibition showcases that these artists are no longer negotiating with the binaries and categories socialized around them. The spaces and identities our artists take, are no longer negotiable. The curatorial team aimed to showcase the fluidity of identity and experience in hopes that this exhibition could create a platform to allow these stories to be told.

The exhibition features various media—from social media art to performance. The diversity of media mirrors the diversity of experiences of each of the 13 chosen artists. The artists featured are as follows:


Michael Chang

Brannon Rockwell-Charland

Sherwin Rio

Jasmine Lin

Xingpei Shen

Lorenzo Baker

Matt Manalo                     

Elliot Reed

Jae Hwan Lim

Kaitlynn Redell

Mitsuko Brooks

Susan Lin

Libbi Ponce


No Longer Negotiable also featured free public programs throughout the run of the exhibition. Program highlights include:


  • Exhibition Opening featuring a night of performances by local artists: Elliot Reed and artist partnership, Jasmine Lin and XingPei Shen and Musical performance by Harmonious Monks

  • In the Shadow of Yellow Face: Hollywood Orientalism from Anna May Wong to Now, a discussion and presentation by one of our featured artists, Kaitlynn Redell. 

  • Social Justice and Social Media Workshop led by Jose Richard Aviles, South Central LA based artist activist

No Longer Negotiable Exhibition

No Longer Negotiable Exhibition

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