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I started my career in museum education at the Children's Museum of the Arts where I worked as a Teaching Artist. For two years I taught in the fine arts studio as well as helped with their summer Free Art Island Outpost in Governor's Island, which acted as a remote space that provided free drop-in art making activities during the summer months. As an educator for Family Programs, I approach my teaching with patience, hands on activities, and guided dialogue.

I also taught open studios at the Whitney Museum of American Art and led gallery learning experiences at the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum. At both of these museums I gained an in-depth perspective of all the different types of experiences an educator can provide to families. From hands on art making in studios to literary based programs within the galleries, the possibilities for family programs seem endless.

In addition to these experiences I also spent a semester interning at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) helping manage the MoMA Art Lab. I was also given the opportunity to help support community, school, teacher, and access programs.


Because of my strong foundation in Family Programs, I find myself going back to the roots of Family Programs in many of my other teaching practices and endeavors. To me, the foundation of Family Programs is intergenerational engagement and creative discovery. These ideas transcend the category of Family Programs and can be placed as a focus in all museum learning experiences.

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