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youth programs

I taught youth programs at the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) during the summer of 2016, where I created MADmakes, an ongoing drop-in art workshop inspired by MAD's artist-in-residence. In collaboration with MAD's summer teen program, Artslife, I produced a workshop that urged visitors to interact with materials and processes inspired by the work of Erin Riley. I managed the teens and collaborated with them to aid them with their ideas and teaching methods.

I believe working with teens is a fully guided, yet collaborative process. It is important to help give them the tools and resources they need to make a successful project come to fruition. As an educator I put collaboration, mutual respect, and dialogue to the forefront of my teaching when working with youth.

By the end of that summer we developed, produced, and executed a pilot of this program and received great success with visitors and engagement with Riley's technique, work, and materials. In addition to  this project I assisted with developing MAD's contributions to the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Teens Take the Met initiative. 

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