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As a direct result of Jennelyn's  skills and dedication, she assembled a remarkable council of college students with whom she worked tirelessly to mentor, as well as support in their efforts to develop new interactive, hands-on and engaging programs for college students as part of our College Night initiative. Normally we would not have given a fellow such a critical role, but Jennelyn's intelligence, commitment and clear vision gave us the tremendous confidence in her ability to run a program that ended up attracting over 2600 college students and exceeding all our original goals. I should add that marketing the event also was a part of her responsibility and we increased attendance by 100% from the previous year.


- Laurel Kishi

Head of Public Programs

J. Paul Getty Museum



Arts & Culture Programs are an opportunity to develop pride, inspiration, and understanding of the rich stories and experiences of the people in the community. I approach Arts & Culture program development with a decolonial and emergent lens. In early stages of conception, I start with the audience and people being served and work through talent search and content development from the grounds up. Who are we serving and how are they involved in the selection of artists, talent, or program content? In what ways are we creating equitable systems of content curation that supports those to have success in being selected and supported to implement their artistic project or experience? 


From critical reflection the purpose of the event and audience, I bring almost 10 years of event production and creative project management to help bring concept into reality. Whether it's a physical construction of an art piece or designing the experience of a performance, workshop, or multi-disciplinary event-- I approach the seeds of creative experiences with a human experience centered mindset. 


Public Art
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